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oh oh G_Higuain!


OK people. I’ll try to explain it. What happened today? Higuain started to tweet (kudos for that) and of course all his followers sent him tweets. One of those tweets was sent by a girl (only one, she did not spam him). The girl tweeted: “Mientras te quedes vos, el nick da igual! Bienvenido..” [“As long as you stay, the nick doesnt matter! Welcome..”]. Higuain replied to her… but he did not send her a direct message, he sent her a tweet which appeared in his profile. He tweeted: “hola bonita como estas? de donde sos? tenes msn?” [“hi cutie how are you? where are you from? do you have msn?”]. It seems that automatically all the crazy “fan girls” on Twitter start sending him tweets with anger. Higuain deleted the tweet. What did the girl say? She is just another girl that follows him on Twitter and he did not contact her in any other way (she didnt send him her msn cause he isnt following her so she wont post it in her twitter account where everybody can see it). Some girls started to say bad things about this girl, which I found completely illogical. It is not her fault if he found her pretty. After that Higuain tweeted “followers dont get angry haha”. And that is the end of the story.

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    looking at his ex’s it seems he loves blonds and i didn’t see this as a bad thing (to flirt with her i mean) because...
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    Cracking up.
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    OMG PIPITA WHATA PLAYA ATTA BOY But no, back to the point. Agreed. Fangirls are crazy, don’t pull shit like that on him,...
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    LOLOLOL Oh, Pipita!
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    OMG xD LOL @ Pipita’s message (ohohoo remember that time when he supposedly hit on Gago’s girlfriend? I wonder if he...
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    I’m still dying over this. The idea of him trolling for girls on twitter is hilarious.
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  15. anatropi said: OMG I remember when Sergio Ramos was hitting on some random Argentinian chick when he first got his twitter. She was going nuts that he followed her then he unfollowed her & she was like “Why? What did I do?” :( LOL!
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    That’s really dumb. You’re hating on her because Pipita messaged her back? Really? How old are you? 12? It’s like the...
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    agree with you! people take it TOO FAR.. so what?!? he was trying to hollar at a girl through twitter who hasnt done...
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    Igual es inevitable sentir un poco de envidia eeehh… ;)