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The personal side of Higuaín

April 20, 2009

Higuain is committed to a successful season
The Argentine striker is delighted with the signings and is convinced he can fight for all titles.

Internet has grown in full swing, with email and sms to the agenda and that you have marked. Higuain acknowledges forbidden to talk about football “I could not live without mobile.” He says that if I had to change careers would not mind “being tennis.” For the holidays you prefer the sea to the mountains, decant as a follower Argentina cumbia music, while not giving back to Sabina or Calamaro. And clarifies: “The Argentine also sings when you shower.”

Would be difficult to live without football. In fact, if I had to link their lives to a profession away from the ball, the activity relate to sports: “I do not know what I would spend, because I’ve raised, but I have it clear that my life would be linked to sport. I love tennis and would be a good idea to practice given the level that is in the circuit. Yes, I would have liked to be a tennis player, but my dream was to be a footballer and I got it. ” There, in the ATP Higuain try to function with dignity, to those who are admired his players: “It would be great to exchange blows with Nadal, which I love delivery, Federer, with my fellow Nabaldián and Del Potro …. . And if I had to define his style of play would only have one goal at a time to be on track, “Pass it! With how hard it is to play good tennis, I would be enough to start thinking as to upload to the net, volleying and make left! (Laughs) By the way, let’s enjoy, Argentina-Spain Davis Cup final. It will be great. “

Regardless of possible career choices, you do not look at the date of birth on his passport to realize that belongs to the generation of technology that has conquered the world: “Of course I give to video games. I’m not a fanatic, but when I meet with friends I play it because they always assemble parties. What I do is that I could not live without mobile. ” That is, all that vocabulary is now handled as multimedia messaging, sms, email and internet access without a computer are basic mechanisms, essential for someone like Higuain, live many miles from his family: “My father told me more than once. In his time there was no internet, no mobile and he was in another country, things had to be told by letter with my grandparents Man, came forward, but it was impossible to talk every day! They did it by letter or by phone once a month or every 15 days … for me, was very hard. I know that you can live without a mobile phone, but having it helps a lot. “

Thus, between calls, message and message is coming, the striker is one of those people who like to take a moment to gather himself. To forget everything around you and think of her things: “One should always have moments of relaxation, time to think about all the effort you make when leaving home so young … I try to relax your mind and think All I’ve done so far. I love to remember everything. I spend thousands of images in my head. ” That yes, another relaxation technique you use is also closely linked to the world: “Yes, I zapping, I like the series, but mostly the movies almost every day I see one.”

In his guidebook, that they prepare for travelers include it in your collection, I would devote pages and pages to two cities: Buenos Aires and Madrid. ” Their arguments leave no doubt: “The elect because they are two cities where I lived. In Buenos Aires spent 18 of my life, is magnificent and beautiful, a city in which you are always happy people. It is very beautiful, a place to meet. And in Madrid have discovered another great place where I feel very comfortable. Two cities are very similar and that has helped my acclimatization. However, when preparing a holiday away from these big cities also clear from the sea or the mountains: “The sea because it relaxes me. Contemplate is wonderful, the sea is peace, tranquility. I’m not a fan of sailing, but it gives you sense of freedom, with the wind giving the face, strip anchor and time stops. ” In these days of relaxation, either when the visual horizon are the waters of a beach or when Higuain moves around town in your car, you discover very common in music, another of his favorite pastimes: “I love music quiet, but listen to everything. Perhaps the issues a few years ago I like more. While it is true that I love Argentina cumbia, listen to Joaquin Sabina, Calamaro …. “

In addition, like most people, when musical notes reach their ears does not make him averse to the possibility of singing the song third, although in a fit of honesty, not categorized as an artist in the field. “I’m no expert on singing, but I sing. Best thing is to laugh when alone. When you sing do not imaginary things to do in another situation. Like the Spanish, Argentine also sings when you shower. ” Perhaps, where it would think twice when it would grab a microphone on stage: “To see thousands and thousands of people fixing their eyes on you, singing your songs and screaming your name must be hallucinating, but I think I ashamed. Why? It is true that I’m used to the public, but does not equal being a footballer than a singer. In a match 80,000 people look at 22 players, at a concert the singer is alone. “

Higuain is sincere, has no folds when talking about their dreams and their preferences when forced to choose priorities in his life: “For me, family and lifelong friends are the most important thing you have. When I’m with them I forget everything, and I hope to have them always at my side, that’s my dream. It’s something I can not quit. To the family, because it is my blood, because true friends are treasures to be carefully watched, since they are going to be with you through thick and thin. I have the luck to say that I have friends of those who are counted on the fingers of the hand. ” Maybe being asked if they dare to do something that is not now going through your head: “If I point to a trip to the moon? That’s better we leave for astronauts. I would not dare, because I think if you go up not come down “(laughs). So Higuain, a young man who one day took the suitcase to come to Spain to play football away, only physically, of his beloved Argentina (“It’s my house. Argentina is all it is pride, passion. It makes my skin chicken “), because the customs in Spain continues to cultivate the” I love the meetings with the roast, the desktop and mate. This strengthens the friendship and for all that we can not fail ever. ” That is.

Whats not to love about this guy? <3 

(except for maybe the skin chicken, gross.)


Sorry for all the grammar mistakes this was translated from Spanish.

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